Did you know that we are supposed to be wearing special underwear when we workout? Or none at all!

Who knew commando was the way we should rock on with our workouts?

So here’s the deal, during any good sweat session we need to be taking care of our lady lumps, good sports bras and adequate ventilation for our nether region. It’s not complex. But it seems like a most of us are getting it wrong.

The advanced technology in athletic clothing has led to us purchasing and wearing some of the most efficient gym gear ever created. This technology has brought us comfort, endless options for whatever our exercise pleasure and finally brilliant styles to suit all of our tastes.

But it has also brought us moisture-wicking fabrics that are more efficient at keeping us drier and ultimately healthier than our standard underwear ever could.

We are all aware that excess sweat and moisture can cause a host health of problems we just don’t want or need. So why are we wearing underwear in the incorrect fabric preventing our gym gear from doing its job?

I get that it’s weird for most of us to go commando at the gym. But it’s worth giving it some thought.

Cotton underwear 9-5 is what our Mother’s taught us was the best option. They were right. But cotton underwear worn during exercise is a huge NO NO. Cotton will absorb sweat at the gym, but it will also keep it. It will not dry fast enough for what we need.

G-strings at the gym is a whole other ball game. I have been known to do this more than once. Your race to the gym, get changed and jump right in. Really, who’s packing a second pair of workout underwear in their gym bag? I’m thankful if I remember my shoes! But according to medical practitioners everywhere, this is the number one thing we should never ever do. Apparently, it’s the BEST way to get several kinds of bacterial infections without trying! Um, no thanks!

So what do we do if going commando isn’t for us? First, you can find all kinds of gear with built-in underwear, shorts, and yoga pants. They are the perfect 2-in-1 solution. Technical workout undies are also on the market and do a marvellous job if you can’t imagine not wearing underwear. It is worth investigating this option, they are very effective.

If you decide to rock commando, ensure what you’re wearing is thick enough to protect you from any bacteria from gym equipment. Also ensuring its thick enough also prevents any privacy concerns.

Advanced technology and amazing styles of gear available is a huge advantage for us all. What we choose to wear or not wear is worth giving some thought to. With many of us squeezing workouts in-between our endless to-do-lists we are wearing our gear for longer periods than ever before. If we’re not showering straight after a workout we need to be sure we’re looking after our overall health.

So the next time you work out don’t wonder if the person doing the downward dog in your yoga class is rocking commando, it’s not worth getting the giggles over. Just be sure that you are taking the best care of your lady lumps with what options best works for you.

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